I did this kind of an article – summary about 2016, but I somehow skipped 2017. Oh well. Let’s see what 2018 had on the plate. And oh my, it had so much.

I think there is (if not, then there should be) a balance in life. If you live very happily, actively, I guess there is a time when nothing goes right, you seem to be stuck in the routine, everything annoys you. I guess for me and Tomas 2017 was the year, when we felt like being stuck and anxious after very hectic 2016. And we decided that we need to move our asses if we want to be, feel and do better in 2018.

And I could say we created an adventurous year, said yes to every new opportunity. We seem to be a bit tired, but at the same time, we feel as we are in the right place at the moment. Let’s see?


There is a reason I have chosen to begin with travelings of 2018. Because there was A LOT of them: from short weekend getaways to again backpacking in South East Asia or spending 10 days by the seaside here in Lithuania.

Starting from the New Year – we celebrated the beginning of 2018 in Saaremaa, Estonia.

Just in a few weeks, at the end of January, we went to Georgia for skiing with a bunch of our friends. Not everyone was lucky to come back without broken arms, but in general it was super interesting and pretty fun experience.

In March we left for a month to Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia and Singapore. It was so different then our first South East Asian adventure, but so beautiful and amazing. Then we have spent few days in London before getting back to work.

In July I had a trip to Naples, Italy, with my former colleagues from the agency. And together with T. we went for a weekend in Berlin, which we enjoyed a lot! It was the first time for me there, but it felt very much like being at home. 




In September, I and my ladies visited our friend Barbora in Barcelona. It was a reunion after, hmmmm, 4 years? So no rush, loads of food, talks, and laughter, plus Bonnie Tyler – Total Eclipse of The Heart.


In November T. did an experimental trip with his friend. Vilnius > Gdansk > Milan > Porto > London > Vilnius. All happened in one week. 

And the same month we have visited Gdansk again, this time boys for X-Wing, ladies just for fun. 


And we are already planing our trips for 2019 that I am looking forward. 


I have changed my job. Yes, again. I was working in a communications agency since July 2017. But in September 2018 a very unexpected offer came in, and I couldn’t resist. I’m back into the food industry and I run new food hall in Vilnius. It’s hard morally, physically, but very rewarding and I couldn’t be more happy about my choice. 

Tomas has also changed the kitchen. He now works in community house as a chef. They do dinners, brunch and other private event. Plus he is still doing culinary courses at Čiop Čiop culinary studio. 

We had quite a lot of private events this spring and summer – from birthdays to even weddings on the rooftop over the city. Not all of them were in the city, so we also took a chance to see more beauties of Lithuania while driving to our event destinations.


Other activities

I keep on organizing CreativeMornings Vilnius. And we turned 3 this November! I’m glad people are enjoying our events and they keep on coming so early in the morning. And I am always very excited to meet the speakers, who are coming to share their thoughts and experiences. 

I also have to say, that together with Technopolis here in Vilnius, we started a new series of morning events! They are similar to CreativeMornings, but actually happens in their co-working space and is dedicated for their co-workers. There we not only talk about creativity, but also business and sustainability. Surprise surprise, it’s called Co-breakfast! And I organized my first event while already being in Vietnam 😉

Reading Challenge

For the first time in my life, I have completed my reading chalange! I have read 20 books this year and I’m really proud of it, as the year was crazy busy. If you are interested, you can find all the list at my goodreads profile. 

I read real printed paper books, but while backpacking – I have chosen e-books that I could read in my phone. Less stuff to carry on the shoulders 😉

I read novels, poems, books about bacterias, extinction and global issues. 


This is just worth a separate paragraph. We had a chance to stay and work in Nida for 12 days this September. We were cooking for students in Nidas Art colony, as they were having a workshop.

The weather was pretty nice, we rented bikes, so after work or any free minute we just went out and enjoyed this calm small town and seaside.  


Something more personal

I turned 29, and Tomas – 28 this year. OMG, we are almost 30. Sometimes I still feel like being a teenager, very far from being (almost) 30. But somehow I believe that our 30s will be our golden age 😉

It was also already 10 years I have graduated my high school. We had a very nice classmate reunion this summer. 


This year I gave a speech at one of the networking and inspirational events about failures – “Naild it”. It was a big challenge for me. Even though I organize events myself, and I need to talk in front of the audience, this time was different. It was personal story, to be more precise – personal fail, that I had to tell to the public. My voice was trembling for the first minute, but I did manage to finish and I hope people enjoyd it. 

Vasaros Brizas (summer breeze) – our every summer tradition. Birthday – fest, where we and my sister with her boyfriend are cooking for already 8 years!


We are happy

We are happy about where we stand today and do today. Hope you are as well. Peace!

L. and T.