A lot can happen in a year. 2016

Usually people overview their year before Christmas, or on New Year’s Eve, creating new resolutions. I’m a bit late, but anyway, this post is coming out as a reminder to myself – a lot can happen in a year.

Let’s say I’m in a period of my life which looks like this:

Feeling being a bit stuck. Feeling like not moving forward.

But then I go back just one year and oh my, will repeat myself – a lot can happen in a year. We sometimes do not notice. And if the speed of life goes lower sometimes, there is nothing bad in it. Sometimes you need to be bored to be active again.

So, what happened in 2016?

Winter was a season of preparation – preparation for new Open Kitchen season, preparation for our food truck season, preparation for the wedding.

Food truck season

We bought a food truck in 2015 but officially started our season in 2016. It took us some time – weekends and after work hours – to prepare it. We did everything ourselves. Electricity, painting it – everything.

We even got nominated for the most beautiful name of our company, registered in 2015 in the Lithuanian language. “Juokiasi puodas” should be translated as “Laughing pot”.


We just picked the date and did it. Nothing much to say. Was the most beautiful day with family and best friends.

Trip to Istanbul

After the wedding, we went for a trip to Istanbul. The city we both fell in love and would come back again and again.

Open Kitchen Vilnius + Kaunas

We kicked off with Open Kitchen 3rd season (2nd for me). And this year not only in Vilnius but also Kaunas!

CreativeMornings Vilnius

In 2016 November we celebrated 1 year of CreativeMornings Vilnius. I’m still on it!

There are hard moments – but who doesn’t have them?

Trip to Southeast Asia

I will admit it – summer season was pretty hard. Open Kitchen in two cities, our own food truck. And a breakdown. I felt like I couldn’t go this way, and needed to stop.

We spent a month and a half backpacking in South East AsiaMalaysia, Vietnam, Phillippines, Singapore. Articles about this trip are all over the blog – feel free to read our story and some tips.

Back to life

It didn’t take long after we were back home and we started working again. I got back to organising events and T. started working in a family restaurant.

So if you sometimes think you do nothing – try to go back and think about how much you already did. Some things just need time.

Love, L.

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