5 tips to make a budget trip anywhere in the world

What’s the hardest part of the trip? Probably it’s planing and limited budget. We have 5 easy tips to make these things easier for your future trips.

#1 Know your travel dates

First thing that comes in head is how you will combine travel with work. The easiest way is to know when you want to travel and inform your employer earlier than 6 months before even though you don’t know when and where you will be heading to. Truth is, if You want to travel cheap, you need to know your dates asap because You’ll never know when the good offer of cheap flight or accommodation will come.

#2 Combine different places/countries/cities to one trip

If You want to travel and see as much as possible in Your life, don’t stick to one place in Your trip and try to see as much as You can. Best travel planning site for us is Rome2Rio. Here You can find different routes from A to B with all variations of transport. It doesn’t need to be expensive, just try to save some money for hotel and travel between cities or countries in night time. You will see more and next time You don’t need to come back to the same place.

#3 Transport first – accommodation after

Search for the flight or bus earlier than you book your accommodation. Usually cheep offers of flights are standing still for not more than 3 days and don’t hesitate, if You see offer that suits you. Now stop! You still have 10 minutes to check if there are international events or city parties those days, cause the accommodation in that case will cost you much more. If there are no events then book that flight and you’ll find truly good accommodation options at Booking, AirBnB or Couchsurfing.  

#4 Plan your daily budget wisely

Easy to say hard to execute? But totally worth if you have limited budget. First step is to check prices in the cities and countries you want to travel. There are numerous websites as Price of travel or Numbeo where You can compare prices. Then make your daily budget and take the exact amount of money with You everyday. Of course it’s good to have some extra money, but try to stick to your budget. Just do a research and count how much you need for daily meals, water, museum tickets, beer, cigarettes (if you smoke) and even some souvenirs. 

#5 Plan your trip by yourself

Internet almighty. You can find A N Y T H I N G you need. Spare some time to make research and read travel blogs, different tips – it will help you to make your personal itinerary.  Check cheep flights daily at Travel Free (travellers in Europe) and don’t get frustrated if there is a flight to the place of your dreams from other city than your hometown. All You need is to check cheep companies to get to these cities. If You want to see  a country then just google every information and use Rome2Rio to get there. You will spend less then paying agency and maybe you will find something that agencies don’t even offer. 

So far we have been planing our trips by ourselves – googling, reading blogs, articles. If you would need any help or advice – do not hesitate to contact us!

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