Fine Dining on the top of Istanbul

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Let us repeat ourselves a hundred times – we are food lovers! Food, street food culture, different cuisines are probably the most important things which lead us to travel as much as we can. This time in Istanbul we fell in a traditional Turkish cuisine in absolutely next level.

Mikla restaurant

Before going to Istanbul, we made some research and found out that Mikla is probably the highest value restaurant in Istanbul, offering modern Anatolian dishes. Moreover, it’s on the 56 place of San Pellegrino list, which rates best restaurants in the world. It was our first experience in place like this before, and we can tell now it was fabulous.

Mikla restaurant is on the rooftop of one of the highest buildings in all Istanbul, The Marmara Pera hotel. Actually, the view from terrace is stunning – endless city right under your feet. 


Beautiful dinner isn’t just siting behind the table and eating everything you get. Eating dinner in this kind of place requires your full attention and devotion to spend at least few hours enjoing food and drinks. By the way we have spent almost 4 hours in restaurant and every second was worth it.

The staff of restaurant invited us to the terrace firstly to have welcome drinks. We had a couple of classic cocktails and some roasted chickpeas aside. The view from the terrace was breathtaking, so you can imagine this one hour sipping drinks was just a pleasure for us. 



As in every high quality restaurant, here you can choose between a la carte menu and tasting / degustation menu. We have chosen tasting because we were ready to try everything that this place has to offer.

It all started with homemade bread, olive oil, salt – 3 simple ingredients. The real hero of the evening was actually the Anatolian olive oil which was never ending on the table and we just soaked the bread in it all the evening with every dish.

Pickled vegetables – whole variety of different veggies. Amazing beetroot!

Crispy anchovies – looks crazy as little fish in a cracker, but with a bit lemon juice it tasted just fantastic.

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Dried beef tenderloin with some wheats –  day after we tried traditional Turkish pastirma, but this beef was made in the restaurant kitchen, hanged for 3 months and was absolutely tender. Crispy wheats were aside and they gave an extra crunchiness to the whole dish.

Steamed grouper – brilliant and tender fish, melting in the mouth. 


Braised lamb – like a pulled lamb with plums, pistachios. Yet another beautiful taste. 

Various Anatolian cheese with honey – before dessert we had some local cheese with some local honey. We tasted it with the same bread and olive oil.


Sour cherry – after all exceptional dinner we had a bit of disappointment with dessert. It was sour cherry with ice cream. Believe it or not it was too sour. We know that the name says it, but it was more sour than pleasantly sour. So for dessert we took one more mojito and old fashioned.

Overall food was excellent, let’s forget the dessert and fear of height.

The biggest thanks goes to the waiters who sees every moment when olive oil or water runs out.



Don’t expect it to be huge or small. For tasting menu we have spent 265 TL (app.80 eur) per person which is quite expensive to compare with street food or regular meal in regular restaurant. Anyway we went there for a totally different experience of fine dining and we had an amazing time with delicious food, exceptional service and cosy atmosphere. 

Guys, travel often, eat well!


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