Road Trip To Slovakia

10 years ago Slovakia was not really famous for skiing worldwide. Why? Post-soviet country, poor economy, low quality service – you name it. But everything changes! We have chosen Slovakia for our winter skiing vacation in 2015 and oh we do not regret it a bit. But let’s begin with some story behind.

Tomas first time on skis was 15 years ago in the very same Slovakia, Low Tatras (Slovak: Nízke Tatry), Jasna ski resort. A lot of locals, Polish, Czech, Lithuanian people, some Russian and a bit of German tourists were standing in a huge queues near ski lifts. Despite the queues, everything else seemed to be just fine: a lot of different ski tracks in superb condition, enough of snow, few places to stop and eat local food for pretty low cost, cheap accommodation.  All of this made an unforgettable first experience and encouraged to continue skiing adventure every winter.  

We came back to Low Tatras in February 2015. Jasna became one of the best ski resorts in eastern Europe.

What has changed?

In 2000 there were 1 cabin, 6 chair and 11 ski lifts on both sides of Chopok mountain. Now we see 4 cabins, 8 chair and 18 ski lifts. Off course you still need to wait in queues sometimes, but max 10 minutes, and it’s nothing compared to other Europe’s ski resorts. 

Lots of different food and drink points, few new places for going out and really good transportation to every point of the mountain.

How to get there?

Cheapest way to reach Jasna is by car or bus. Also there are several trains from Bratislava to Poprad (city nearby) and there are seasonal flights from several cities in Europe to Poprad.

We went there from Vilnius by car, with one overnight stop in Warsaw. And we came back by car in one day stopping only for fuel and coffee.


In total there were 4 of us. So we booked an apartment, or better to say half of house, with 2 bedrooms, lounge and kitchen. It cost us 500 euros for 6 nights, which is app. 20-25 Eur/night per person. Not bad, huh?

We found our apartment at


In the day time you can find good quality and traditional food on the ski tracks. Meals are from 3 to 7 Eur. After the ski tracks are closed it’s harder to find a good restaurant or pub so the best way is to find an accommodation with a kitchen, buy some food in shopping center and cook whatever you want! The nearest shop is Tesco in Liptovsky Mikulas. Of course, it’s much more convenient if you have a car. 


Everything is cheap here except the ski lifts which cost 179 Eur for 5 days. If you are under 27 – get yourself Euro26 or Isic card and grab that 20% discount.

Ski rental is cheaper than usual so it’s not worth to rent skis in your country. Our recommendation: ski rental shop just down the hill of Lucky, just where the slopes of Jasna begin. Price per day per set is around 13 EUR.

When to go?

January-February or double check the weather and snow condition at

Alone, company, family?

The best way to go with some friends or family because of cheaper accommodation, fuel and food.

Approximate spendings for 5 days in EUR / person:

Trip by car (from Vilnius) – 40 eur

Accomodation – 125 eur

Ski pass – 176 eur

Ski rental – 52 eur

Food/beverages – 180 eur

Total – 673 eur/week/pax

Probably the cheapest quality skiing in Europe. We gonna come back for sure!

P.S.: It was Linas first time on skis! Fell down hundred times, after one hour just wanted to roll myself down the hill. Buuuuuut… On our third day I somehow managed to get down from the highest top of Chopok.

Have you been in Slovakia for skiing vacation?

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