To Rome With Love

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All roads lead to Rome. Why do we think so?

2 years ago we didn’t know that this could be the first trip of our future family but it was and it was an amazing start to our long journey in life.

Now let’s forget our family and talk about historic city of Rome.

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How did we get there?

Rome has two international airports – Fiumicino and Ciampino. Both of them are in quite similar distances from the city centre but as we are budget travelers, we recommend to take cheeper airlines flight to Ciampino. It could be reached from airports all around Europe for less than 100 euros per person. We payed 140 euros for us both from Vilnius. The best way to get to the city centre is by taking any bus just outside the airport which could bring you to the Metro (cost about 2 eur/per person). As we travelled for 3 days, we bought 3 days public transport ticket (B.T.I) which could be used in any vehicle around the city (cost 16.5 eur/person).

Metro goes throughout whole the city and now have two lines (A and B) but in the near future there will be another line. Both lines crosses in the bussiest place of the city – Termini station. It’s better to avoid getting out there because the station is really crowded and it’s really hard to go through it. Believe us it’s possible to do. Just plan your trip wisely and look at the map where your accomodation is before you go into metro.

Where to stay?

There are a lot of different choices of accommodation in Rome. For us the best choice was renting a room through Airbnb as the price was more affordable compared to hostels or hotels.

There is no need to stay in the very city centre of Rome because of the prices. And especially if you are staying only for sleep over and shower – as we do. Usually we leave flat early in the morning and come back late in the evening. But try not to book a place which is far from the metro stop, cause there is big traffic jam everyday in the city and the metro is the easiest way to reach city centre and other places in Rome.

Prices – Room for two should be around 50 eur/per night.

Top Districts – Trastevere, Prati, Municipal 1. 

Here is our 3 day trip itinerary

DAY #1 

We thought that the city is really big and hard to look over fast, but in the first day of our trip we went through the most popular places of Rome.

Highlights: Trevi fountain (unfortunately was closed for reconstruction at that time), Spanish steps, Pantheon, Coliseum, Circus Maxima.

Every object is near each other and easily accessible on foot.

Second part of the day we dedicated to Pigneto district – few beers and a bag of fresh porchetta from the oldest place in Rome.

Practical tip: Find a map with the objects, just go through them and mark everything on map because every building in this eternal city is worth to see.

DAY #2

Closer look to the Vatican city. This place looks just as good as it’s famous. We don’t know if it’s worth to go inside but if you’re totally into museums it’s worth it. 

Second part of the day belongs to Trastevere district, couple of Negroni cocktail’s and a beautiful dinner in a local Trattoria. If you don’t live in Trastevere then it’s one of the must see / go / visit places in Rome. 

Practical tip: Give a quick study to the public transport before going out because all places are easy accessible by metro, trams or buses but you need to know where to get out.

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DAY #3

As we went through all the places that we wanted to see in the city, we had some time to go to the seaside in Ostia. Ostia is easily accessible by train from Piramide station (using B.T.I). It’s a beautiful seaside city with flat beaches. Ostia Antica is an ancient Roman city nearby Ostia.

Second part of the day we dedicate to go through the best place we visited and for a beer pack on the shore of Tibre.

Practical tip: If you’re really on budget then it’s good news. It’s legal to drink soft alcohol drinks in every place of the city. So just grab a beer and sit in a park or on the Spanish steps and enjoy the everlasting city. 

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Where and what to eat?

There are a numerous places in Rome of good quality and authentic food but it’s good to know the system. There are three phases of the day when we talk about eating:

Processed with VSCOcam with se1 presetBreakfast: 7:00-11:00

Find a nice and cosy spot nearby and take cappuccino with cornetto – Italian croissant, but don’t call it croissant in Italy, never. 

We have found a little family baker just next to our apartment and went there every morning for breakfast. On the second day you don’t really need to say what you want, they will recognise you and will bring your regular order.

Lunch: 12:00-15:00

If you want a really authentic tasty lunch then it’s better to hurry up and be in a place before 15:00 cause normally trattorias work until that time. After 15:00 they usually close and start preparing for evening dinner.

Some places for quick lunch:

Pizzarium bonci – Via Della Meloria 43, 00136 Rome, Italy (just a bit north of Vatican city)

Working hours: 10AM-10PM

Probably the best pizzas that we ever had in our lifes. Some unusual ingredients: potatoes, anchovies, rapberries and it goes wilder and wilder. Try to find out as many tastes that they have cause they just cut pizzas in nice little squares. Don’t get surprised – this place is as big as your bedroom. 

App. lunch price for two – 15 eur

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I Porchettoni – Via del Pigneto 68, 00176, Rome, Italy (Pigneto district)

Working hours: 12PM-1:30AM

Porchetta is traditional Roman dish which in general is whole deboned pig with crispy skin bites. This place takes the dish to a very traditional way and it becomes an excellent dish with a glass of beer. They also have traditional menu which is excellent choice for quick and authentic lunch.

App. lunch price for two – 15-20 eur


Eataly Rome – Piazzale XII Ottobre, 1492, Rome, Italy

Working hours: 9AM-12PM

Big shopping centre jus outside Rome Ostiense train station. It’s not only a place to eat, but also to shop. Each floor of the building is dedicated to certain products – fruits and vegetables, meat, fish, drinks. So it’s a nice place to eat and also get some eatable goodies for your friends and family back home. 

App. lunch price for two – 20 eur

Dinner 19:00-24:00

Step away from the city centre and search narrow streets of Rome districts for a cosy trattoria. Best time to eat is from 8PM when all local places are full of joy and food experience.

Try districts of Trastevere, Testaccio, Prazi, Pigneto.

Practical tip: Try not to eat in a places where someone invites you and there is a menu written in other languages than italian. Authentic food joy comes in moment when You find some local family business and don’t pay as much as in other places. Even if they don’t speak other languages – they will understand what you want. 

App.dinner price for two – 50 eur

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You know what people say about Rome – you get this ohhhh’s and ahhhh’s on each corner! Eternal city.


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