Southeast Asian adventure itinerary | part 2

So, we head up to part 2 of our journey which includes the Philippines, Singapore, some more of Kuala Lumpur and Sweden.


Day 18: Flight to Manila, spending some time in the worst airport in Asia, one more flight to Dumaguete in Negros Oriental island and negotiation with a taxi driver to take us to Dauin, Divers club where we are staying.

Day tip: Don’t stay in Manila if you’re traveling to the Philippines. Just head up to any other island.

Day 19: Just chill time in Dauin. Buying food in the local market, some beer on the beach. Homemade dinner in the evening with two Swedish ladies from a hostel.

Important note: Don’t be afraid to buy food in the local market. Just be sure that you will cook it through. Usually, fruits are good but cut the larger ones in small pieces and watch through them carefully.

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Day 20: Exploring Negros Oriental. Tricycle drive to Valencia, motorbike (habal) to Casaroro falls, jeepney to Dumaguete city. Incredible chicken at Jo’s Chicken Inato, jeepney to Dauin.

Day tip: If it’s possible and if you don’t mind squeeze in with locals, use jeepney as public transport in the Philippines as it’s a really cheap (20-40 cents) and quicker than tricycle but You need to wait for it to be full. And if you are with big backpacks they might be not that comfortable.

Siquijor and Bohol

Day 21: Ocean jet ferry to Siquijor island and tricycle to Larena city, 7 km scenic walk to our hotel. No booking confirmation and bucket shower.

Day tip: is usually not the best site to book the accommodation in the Philippines as we have noticed. In few hostels they din;t see our booking. Try to use Agoda, it is pretty popular in Asia.

Day 22: Renting a motorbike and going all around the island of Siquijor. Beautiful beaches, rocky mountains. Buying tickets (with advanced booking) to Tagbilaran and evening ferry to Tagbilaran with bad experience of searching for a hotel there.

Day tip: There are two ports in Siquijor island from where you can get to Negros Oriental or Bohol islands. It’s easy to get tickets to Negros Oriental from Siquijor port. And there is an evening ferry to Bohol island ferries on Tuesday, Friday, and Sunday from Larena port. So watch carefully when planning Your trip.

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Day 23: Travelling by tricycle to Panglao island, cheap rum, Alona white beach, full chicken dinner.

Day tip: Just choose some different cities in Bohol if You want to explore all the island by yourself.

Day 24: Walking to Bee farm, Dumaluan beach, easy time in Panglao.


Day 25: Day trip through Bohol island: Tarsiers Sanction, Chocolate Hills, Man-made forest, Loboc river cruise, Python garden, Adventure park.

Day tip: It’s worth to take a trip from your hotel or hostel to all the island and most of sights by bus (should cost 400 pesos/pax, entrance tickets 670 pesos/pax, excluding adventure park). If you are adventurous enough – then rent a motorbike and go all around by yourself.

Day 26: Renting a motorbike, going around Panglao island: Hinagdan cave, the local cemetery, Alona beach. Last night in Bohol – little party with people in the hostel.

Day tip: Rent a motorbike when You can just avoid the wet days and small roads.

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Day 27: Ferry to Cebu city, dusty and muddy city and lots of rain.

Day tip: Taxi in Cebu is the best transport to use, just ask the taxi driver to show you meter (your trip shouldn’t cost more than 100 pesos around the city and 250 to the airport).

Day 28: Walking around the city: Magellan’s cross, Fort of San Pedro, Saint Nino church, Cebu Cathedral, Ayola Shopping mall.

Day tip: One day in Cebu city is more than enough to see it all if you have more time – explore the rest of the island on other days.

Day 29: Packing bags to Singapore, spending a day in a shopping mall, watching cinema and having a flight to Singapore.

Day tip: Everyone who leave the Philippines needs to pay a terminal fee in the airport in cash. So be sure to have 750 pesos/pax when leaving, because it’s not included in any airline ticket.


Day 30: Good morning Singapore! Early check-in. Meeting a friend, walking around and eating a lot. A LOT!

Day tip: Singapore is an expensive city so be ready to spend much more money than in other parts of Southeast Asia. Book your hostel in Chinatown.


Day 31: Amazing Gardens by the bay and Cloud Forest, Marina mall, Raffles place, Singapore sling cocktail with ground nuts all over the ground.

Day 32: Japanese lunch with a friend, Singapore City Gallery, off to airport and flight back to Kuala Lumpur.

Day tip: If you’re in Singapore then gallery should be the first place to visit and spend there at least 2 hours so You will understand the city much better! Entrance is free of charge.

Back to Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur

Day 33: Batu Caves and Perdana lake garden. Dinner in Jalan Alor street.

Day tip: When heading to Kuala Lumpur, check the info about their public transport as it’s quite cheap but might seem a bit complicated.

Day 34: Ready to go home! Visiting Putrajaya city, real traditional mosque, empty streets and magnificent boulevard.

Day tip: from the train station in Putrajaya take any bus to the city center (no. 3,4,5,8 is for sure going to the boulevard)


Back to Europe

Day 35: Flight all night through Istanbul to Copenhagen, train to Malmo, meeting Swedish friend we met in the Philippines before and exploring the Malmo city.

Day tip: If You’re buying a train ticket from Copenhagen airport to Malmo or any other destination, You can also use it as a public transport ticket in Your final destination all day long.

Day 36: Flight to Vilnius, little problems with Wizz air.

Day tip: Don’t forget to print the boarding card! Or download their app. Otherwise, you might be paying 80 Eur for them to print it out.

So now you now our itinerary (part 1 is here)! From now on – further stories about cities, destinations, transport and important rules of traveling through Malaysia, Vietnam, Philippines, and Singapore.

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